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We're talking helping humanity type of ideas. New laws that should proposed. Old laws that should be abolished. Better ways we could be….(voting, housing people, relating to each other, helping our veterans, caring for our elderly, addressing global warming - in a micro or macro sense…)

Anything is possible with your vision
Anything is possible with your vision

Got Something?

We’ll post promising ideas and suggestions and ask for votes (yes/no) along with feedback about why the idea might or might now work, or how the suggestion might be improved.

Any idea/solution that gets a resounding nod of approval will get a special focus. And then, when it feels ready to go, we’ll seek out ways to best get it implemented and we’ll chart our progress - who has been contacted, what we’re waiting on - until it’s finally adopted!


Be as specific and detailed as possible. “Write better laws!” is a fine suggestion but overly broad.

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“I think we should have a national day of apology. Everybody should post an apology somewhere for something they’re sorry about. This could help breed compassion and reconciliation within our society.”

Paul, Los Angeles