What is Upsurgent?

It's a place to

Upsurgent is designed to be a collective composed of people from all walks of life focusing on the problems we're facing and the wisdom within us that, if we can listen to one another, will provide the answers we need.

Let's be inclusive. Let's recognize each other. Let's aim high and achieve great things. Let's not be ruled by fear. Let's foster hope. Let's be crazy ambitious. Let's work hard, dig deep, and do this together.

Let's all be Upsurgent!

Stay tuned
We're just getting started
There is so much more to come!


Let's Support This One

In the footsteps of the ethnobotanical pioneers Richard Evans Schultes, Franklin Aranda, Al Gentry and their many grad students, co-founders Juan Ruiz and Michael Maki of The Richard Evans Schultes Center for Amazonian Ethnobotanical Research (RESCAER), aka The Schultes Center, seek to advance the protection and development of plant medicines in the Amazon Basin, a world center of biodiversity where the thread of traditional knowledge and practice is at once strong and fragile.

Your Solutions

Your Solutions

Got a Great Idea?

Want to suggest something helpful?

We're talking helping humanity types of things. Big or small. Better ways we could be nicer to one another, help our veterans, care for our elderly, address global warming. Suggestions for new laws that should be proposed, old laws that should be abolished. Big plans or small suggestions!


Listen to others
with Care & Compassion

Seek to recognize

Manifest Kindness

Join us in composing
a compassion/empathy pledge

To be posted widely when completed

The Podium

Michael Maki

Why Amazonia?

Like many rural areas in the world, Amazonia, the region around the Amazon River which flows through nine countries including Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, Suriname, Peru, Columbia, Bolivia, Guyana and French Guiana, has seen the displacement of many people from river communities to rough and impoverished cities like Iquitos, a land-locked Peruvian jungle city of nearly half million people. Why do people leave a seemingly idyllic river village life? Simply put: economic opportunity, or at least the illusion of it.

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